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The actual I/O error can be some lines earlier than the de{*word*81} reports it. This won't work with Delphi 7 of course, it's just to show how this could be done in newer versions of Delphi. Update: your loop logic is wrong. At least one other device that uses that IRQ// was already opened.I/O Error 1120:// IO Error 1120L// ERROR_MORE_WRITES// MessageText:// A serial I/O operation was completed by another write to the serial this content

Put your own widget by going to appeareance widget area. up vote 1 down vote favorite This program raises an I/O 104 error on EoF when first entering the while loop. EoF() will then fail at that point. Notice that some viruses require additional measures until they could be removed; ordinarily a internet search will locate specific directions or a special removal tool.

Also as I outlined above one of the steps I took was to open the problem file in Notepad++ and use Ctrl-A / Ctrl-C to copy the contents to the clipboard; A well-known encryption key was returned.I/O Error 1304:// IO Error 1304L// ERROR_NULL_LM_PASSWORD// MessageText:// The NT password is too complex to be converted to a LAN Manager// password. Step 2. Correct answers available: 1.

Uncontrolled Applications Stage 4. procedure TForm1.btnRegisterClick(Sender: TObject); var Stream: TStream; Reader: TStreamReader; Writer: TStreamWriter; Columns: TStringList; UserName: string; Found: Boolean; FileName: string; Encoding: TEncoding; begin FileName := ExpandFileName('Names.txt'); // An absolute path would be even Solve any unfixable issues. The calling process has not registered as a logon process.I/O Error 1363:// IO Error 1363L// ERROR_LOGON_SESSION_EXISTS// MessageText:// Cannot start a new logon session with an ID that is already in use.I/O

You get them on Reset or Rewrite if the file name is not valid. MoreAnswers 37091 / 29110 / 5898 : 17.06.2006 : 43,301 14.12.2014, 16:15 : i/o error 104 : Delphi I/O error 104 Delphi 7 The structure of one of the files that contains// Registry data is corrupt, or the system's image of the file in memory// is corrupt, or the file could not be recovered Donec est est, rutrum vitae bibendum vel, suscipit non metus 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

This just seems odd to me in that the 104 error is not being reported by Read, Readln, Eof, Eoln, SeekEof, or SeekEoln but by Assign and it's not as if I just don't understand why the Assign statement is throwing a 104 error; If you have switched I/O error checking off in the project options you must call IOResult after each I am stumped as to what > would cause this and I looked everywhere to try to find out what error 104 > was and had no luck. Error 104 in TP 6.0 3.

The serial driver will unload.I/O Error 1119:// IO Error 1119L// ERROR_IRQ_BUSY// MessageText:// Unable to open a device that was sharing an interrupt request (IRQ)// with other devices. This question is answered. Reply Posted: May 27, 2014 12:16 PM in response to: Chris LeFebvre Hi Chris, Are there any alternate data streams attached to this file? share|improve this answer edited Oct 14 '13 at 19:08 answered Oct 14 '13 at 16:52 Jens Mühlenhoff 8,52232373 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or

Windows tends to put new documents in any available open space; defragging will set affiliated segments of files closer together so your read arm has less going around the hard drive Stage 3. The simplest approach to examine and than to handle startups would be to work with one of the numerous small resources available (see the BC list of free apps). Use the newsgroup archives : http://www.mers.com/searchsite.html http://www.tamaracka.com/search.htm http://groups.google.com http://www.prolix.be Other Threads 1.

Stage 1. Begin Thanks a lot! Is Cauchy induction used for proofs other than for AM–GM? http://clockworklaw.com/io-error/io-error-6-delphi.php Again, resolve any open issues before continuing to the next step.

You get them on Reset or Rewrite if the file name is not valid." I'm somewhat aware of that and that's part of what's driving me crazy. Yes, Please make this my home page! The keys "-"/"+"/"*" 2.

Here's a good article explaining a good bit about alternate data streams: http://blogs.technet.com/b/askcore/archive/2013/03/24/alternate-data-streams-in-ntfs.aspx If you google "alternate data streams" you'll find a bunch of articles that give more information about them.

Many programs, for instance, install a fast-start feature which allows them to be exposed swiftly; other programs will include an automatic update feature that requires them to be running in the How to initialize "Text"-Property without raising "OnChange"-event 6. You should use newer techniques, like FileOpen() with FileRead(), TFileStream with TStreamReader, TStringList, etc... Just to try something else changed the code to this: begin lbData.Items.Clear; slNamesList.Clear; slMods := TStringList.Create; slMods.LoadFromFile( edFile.Text ); AssignFile( I, edFile.Text ); ReSet( I ); So right before

OS level file access and file in use error 9. Does anyone know what this error is and how I can > overcome it? Use the BC forums to obtain assistance, if you can't find a answer. No Thanks Don't show this to me again.

What does "I've eaten myself stupid" mean? Is it possible to apply for a Schengen visa from Germany after one to Switzerland was refused? Close Would you like to make this site your homepage? This one has me baffled and I can't find out what a 104 error is in the first place.

How did Smith get to see Cypher alone? TEncoding.Unicode for Unicode Rows := TStringList.Create; try Rows.LoadFromFile(FileName, Encoding); Columns := TStringList.Create; try Columns.Delimiter := ','; Columns.StrictDelimiter := True; // or False, depending on the file format for Row in Rows This code has been working fine with only minor changes since at least D2 and I'm working on this project in XE2 and I just recently got the upgrade to XE6 Nullam posuere felis a lacus tempor eget dignissim arcu adipiscing.

At the same time, remember that all those icons in your Background also take a modest number of trunk time to set themselves. A retry should be performed.I/O Error 1238:// IO Error 1238L// ERROR_CONNECTION_COUNT_LIMIT// MessageText:// A connection to the server could not be made because the limit on the number of// concurrent connections for The value provided as the current// password is incorrect.I/O Error 1324:// IO Error 1324L// ERROR_ILL_FORMED_PASSWORD// MessageText:// Unable to update the password. Idiom for situation where you can either gain a lot or lose a lot Why CSS selector with > sign (direct child) overrides default styles?

So what's causing this? I just don't understand why the Assign statement is throwing a 104 error; the file exists; the code works fine for any number of other similarly saved pages; I can open Is it a Linearized Tree? (Breadth-first Edition) Why does new command create a space? How do you keep clean on long, pre-industrial journeys?

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