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The list of contents is based on an old 7.20 manual and some cross-referencing by ourselves, there doesn't appear to be cross reference for the error numbers any more. Register Forum Archives Databases Informix Error 100 Error 100 - Informix Execution of this: EXEC SQL SELECT constrname INTO :myConstraint FROM sysconstraints WHERE tabid = (SELECT tabid FROM systables WHERE tabname Montenegro up down 0 sven at sveni dot com ¶11 years ago Nice function to call. Return Values The Informix error codes (SQLSTATE & SQLCODE) formatted as x [SQLSTATE = aa bbb SQLCODE=cccc]. http://clockworklaw.com/informix-error/informix-error-messages-pdf.php

Please try the request again. Error Messages Avaya Call Management System (CMS) Avaya Call Management System (CMS) Custom Reports 585-215-822 Comcode 105501867 Issue 3.0 May 2002 Org Springframework Jdbc Support Sqlerrorcodesfactory Sql ... The database server can return this SQLCODE value to a running program. For information about how to handle these exceptions, see "Checking for Exceptions with sqlca".

Informix Errors

sqlca.sqlerrd[4] after a PREPARE, EXECUTE IMMEDIATE, or DECLARE statement that encountered an error. For SQL products, a duplicate key value was used in the last INSERT or UPDATE. For C-ISAM programs, a duplicate value was presented in the last call to iswrite, isrewrite, isrewcurr, or isaddindex.

After a CONNECT, SET CONNECTION, DATABASE, CREATE DATABASE, or START DATABASE, the sqlca.sqlwarn.sqlwarn0 field is set to W and other fields of sqlca.sqlwarn provide information about the database and connection. The request cannot be fulfilled by the server Whats New in 12.10 Certified for Informix 11.10, 11.50, 11.70 and 12.10 Finderr In most cases the Informix Informix Functions ifx_affected_rows ifx_blobinfile_mode ifx_byteasvarchar ifx_close ifx_connect ifx_copy_blob ifx_create_blob ifx_create_char ifx_do ifx_error ifx_errormsg ifx_fetch_row ifx_fieldproperties ifx_fieldtypes ifx_free_blob ifx_free_char ifx_free_result ifx_get_blob ifx_get_char ifx_getsqlca ifx_htmltbl_result ifx_nullformat ifx_num_fields ifx_num_rows ifx_pconnect ifx_prepare ifx_query ifx_textasvarchar ifx_update_blob Finder For a list of possible SQLCODE values after a DESCRIBE statement, see "Determining Statement Type".

ESQL/C copies the value of sqlca.sqlcode to the global SQLCODE variable. Informix Isam INTO TEMP statement (not part of multistatement PREPARE): no rows match the SELECT criteria. 100 0 UPDATE...WHERE statement (not part of multistatement PREPARE): no rows match the UPDATE criteria. 100 0 Parameters errorcode If specified, the function will return the message corresponding to the specified code. Call work codes database item table ...

Since SQLCODE is a four-byte (long) integer, the value that ESQL/C returns to the parent process might not be what you expect. sqlca.sqlerrd[3] contains the estimated weighted sum of disk accesses and total rows processed. This method conforms to X/Open and ANSI SQL standards and supports multiple exceptions (page 11-6). We won't show 346Could not update a row in the table.

  • The first sqlwarn table in Figure 11-14 lists the warnings that occur after the database server opens a database or establishes a connection.
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  • See "Library Functions for Retrieving Error Messages".
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  • It sets one other field within the sqlwarn structure (sqlwarn1 to sqlwarn7) to the letter W to indicate the specific warning condition.
  • HSQL, Informix.
  • sqlca.sqlerrm to save an error message parameter.
  • Use this SQLCODE value to determine when a statement reaches the end of the data.

Informix Isam

sqlca.sqlerrd[2] to indicate the number of rows processed before the error occurred in a multirow INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statement. When the database server encounters a runtime error, it might also set the following other fields in the sqlca structure: sqlca.sqlerrd[1] to hold the additional ISAM error return code. Informix Errors PostgreSQL, Oracle, Berkeley DB, Informix, mSQL, Lotus Notes, and more ... –mysql_list_dbs() IF/Prolog V5.2 Generic SQL Interface IF/SQL Interface ”Embedded SQL” Interface for IF/Prolog ... Isam Error Informix Error Messages..- Informix Guide to SQL: Syntax - University of Ioannina Informix Guide to SQL Syntax Version 7.2 April 1996 ...

To obtain exception information, your ESQL/C program can access the sqlca structure or the SQLCODE variable as follows: The sqlca structure. this contact form close × Related Documents ASKIVER Contact Us What is Askiver? Mapping Informix Error Messages to SQLSTATE Values ... The ESQL/C header file, sqlca.h, declares SQLCODE as a global variable. Sql Error

From within your ESQL/C program, you can retrieve error message text that is associated with a negative SQLCODE (sqlca.sqlcode) value with the rgetlmsg() or rgetmsg() library function. UTF-8 is a variable-width multi-byte encoding in which the character codes 0x00 ... The ESQL/C preprocessor has also dropped a new-line character between the left parenthesis (")") and the WHERE keyword. http://clockworklaw.com/informix-error/informix-error-956.php So some errors are missing, the Optical subsystem breakdown for example.

The following comparison checks for the NOT FOUND and END OF DATA conditions: if(SQLCODE == SQLNOTFOUND) Warnings in sqlca.sqlwarn When the database server executes an SQL statement successfully, but encounters a Does any one know what other mewanings error 100 may have. A row that was to be inserted or updated has a key value that already exists in its index.

If you attempted to select or fetch data, you encountered the end of the data, or no data matched the criteria in the WHERE clause.

If the database server can successfully execute the prepared statement in the block, it sets SQLCODE to 0; if the prepared block includes multiple statements, all of the statements succeeded. Click the Company Codes list ... Extracting Value from Data: Building Data Warehouses with IBM Informix Dynamic Server Lester Knutsen President Advanced DataTools Corporation Technical Reference - Release 03.01 - Microlite Corporation BackupEDGE 3.0 Technical Reference- Revision SQLCODE holds an Informix-specific error-code, which is copied from the sqlca.sqlcode field.

When this occurs, the database server returns the following information: The SQLCODE variable indicates the cause of the error. WIN NT/95 Displaying Error Text Your ESQL/C application can use the Informix ERRMESS.HLP file to display text that describes an error and its corrective action. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Check This Out To obtain information on the actual error, use a temporary file, a database table, or some form of interprocess communication.