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Informix Error Codes 244


The ideas and opinions expressed in this blog are personal and in no way represent IBM positions, strategy or opinions. Check that no other daemons are running on the port address. 25533 The sqlexecd daemon cannot close the network. If you want to perform the specified operation, you must start Enterprise Replication. 19991 Table is not in Enterprise Replication alter mode The specified operation cannot be performed on a table AIO VPs can be configured with VPCLASS AIO or the old parameter NUMAIOVPS.

JackLiWhy “SQL Server Configuration” section on my Azure Virtual Machine is not available? Table is full and cannot be extended. Your command line for onaudit has incorrect or incomplete syntax. Drop fails. http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21211663

107: Isam Error: Record Is Locked.

The specified file cannot be created. Check the path and directory permissions and try again. 38088 Failed to action user user-name -- error number occurred. The time now is 15:25. For C-ISAM programs, review the program logic and make sure that it can handle this case, which is a normal event in multiprogramming systems.

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  • Examinar bem ambos os erros, e evitar tirar conclusões precipitadas baseadas apenas no SQLCODE ou na nossa experiência passada (quanto mais rica for, maiores serão as hipóteses de ficarmos presos a
  • The database server returns this SQLCODE value to an application when an SQL statement executes successfully. 100 No matching records found.
  • If the error recurs, note all circumstances and contact IBM Technical Support. -56 Socket is already connected.

You can only create an INSTEAD OF trigger on a view, not on a base table or synonym. 21957 Invalid block size. Only users root and informix and are allowed to execute ON-Bar. Check the license file to ensure that the version of the desired product on the feature line is the same as or later than the version that you want to use. Informix Sqlcode -1803 Hope this was helpful.

If you are attempting to use IBM Informix STAR or IBM Informix NET, contact your system administrator to report a network problem. INFORMIXDIR points to the directory that contains the msg directory where message files are stored. 32788 Dbspaces added to a mirrored Dbslice must be mirrored. Check create_license.c, ls_vendor.c, and your application code carefully to make sure that they have the same vendor code. JackLiUnable to connect to SQL Server on azure VM due to an extra NSG applied to subnet September 18, 2016If you need to open up your SQL Server on an Azure

If a directory replaced such a file, this error might result. Sql Error This site was put together to help our engineers when they need to quickly check an error code and don't have command line access to a server. This condition is normally transient. You have entered a serial number that is not valid.

Could Not Do An Indexed Read To Get The Next Row.

If not, note all circumstances and contact IBM Technical Support. -54 Connection reset by peer. https://www.cursor-distribution.de/aktuell.11.50.xC9/documentation/errors_ids115.html Unless theISAM error code or an operating-system message points to another cause, run the oncheck utility (secheck with IBM Informix SE or tbcheck with IBM Informix OnLine) to check and repair 107: Isam Error: Record Is Locked. In the table test there are more than millions records. Could Not Position Within A File Via An Index Informix An operating-system error code with the meaning shown was unexpectedly returned to the database server.

Read 2 Feb 12 - developerWorks - Loading data with the IBM Informix TimeSeries Plug-in for Data Studio... All nonzero license-count features need at least one server line. 32713 Cannot find SERVER hostname in network database. IBM Informix Version 6.0 and later database servers do not use this message. 25519 The sqlexecd daemon cannot open the network device. The VPCLASS name must be unique. Informix Isam Error

For bulk updates, see the LOCK TABLE statement and the EXCLUSIVE clause of the DATABASE statement. E é o erro mais comum que explica porque não foi possível aceder a uma tabela/registo. É por isso que a sugestão de alter o LOCK MODE é a primeira ideia Prior to Version 7.21, IBM Informix OnLine Dynamic Server for Windows NT did not support system commands in SPL routines (stored procedures). psssql Disclaimer Powered by WordPress and Dynamic News.

Correct the onconfig file and restart oninit. 19574 oninit: VPCLASS VPCLASS_name number of VPs is greater than the maximum specified. You entered an incorrect serial number or serial-number key while you were running the IBM Informix client/server product installation script. If the error recurs, note all circumstances and contact IBM Technical Support. 32725 Feature database corrupted in daemon.

The database server cannot set the file position to a particular row within the file that represents a table.

Mas isso não é um processamento inconsistente?". If the problem persists, run your network diagnostics to determine the source of the problem. 25528 The sqlexecd daemon cannot accept a connection. If not, note all circumstances and contact IBM Technical Support. -64 Host is down. You can obtain exclusive access to a table by passing the ISEXCLLOCK flag to isopen.

You do not need to look through log backups on tape because nothing would be found. The simplest way to handle this error is to use the statement SET LOCK MODE TO WAIT. Required data is missing. If the error recurs, note all circumstances and contact IBM Technical Support. -6 No such device or address.

For this 4GL runtime error, check the message for -number. 4156 ISAM error number -number. For SQL products, see the SQL error message or return code. The database server failed to parse the mask/role/event definition in a load file. Read 20 Sep 10 - planetIDS.com - ITG analyst paper: Cost/Benefit case for IBM Informix as compared to Microsoft SQL Server...

An operating-system error code with the meaning shown was unexpectedly returned to the database server.